News and Analysis (6/23/17)

No, says the Court, you can’t strip someone of his citizenship because he didn’t tell you that he once broke the speed limit without getting a ticket:

[W]ithin the past nine years, right-wing extremists plotted or carried out nearly twice as many terrorist attacks as Islamist extremists”:

That there’s no peace in the Mideast, doesn’t mean there can’t be peace in the Midwest:

After a memorial for Nabra Hassanen in a Virginia park was conducted, a 24 year old from North Carolina set ablaze flowers and posters commemorating her:

“Black Crows” caricatures terrorists and ignores parallels between ISIL’s abandonment of Palestine and some Arab state efforts at normalisation with Israel:

An analyst claims ISIS decided to destroy an Iraqi treasure because they did not want to be defeated at the place where  Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared himself Caliph:

A Gulf movement to get rid of Al-Jazeera and free speech:

The lawsuit against a program to deny or delay visas to applicants who donated to Muslim charities or traveled to Muslim-majority countries can proceed:

According to Harvey Dean’s staff handbook it “does not seek to inhibit individual choice as regards appearance,” yet a supervisor tried to dictate he color of an employee’s scarf:






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