News and Analysis (6/29/17)

For Trump, you have no bona fide relationship to your “fiancées, grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, and other extended family”:

His economic reform plans are welcome, but they are outweighed and undermined by his war-mongering:

This Syrian doctor’s humanitarian travels to establish hospitals and vaccinate children caused his visa to be revoked aborting his pursuit of an Ivy League degree …

… “[T]he bottom-line question is can the [U.S. President] use the immigration authority to condemn a religion, and I think the answer to that has to be no” — David Cole:

Unlike today’s extremists, Ibn Hajar pushed “back against an overly narrow reading of the hadith that would curb the multitude of ways for Muslims to enjoy God’s favor”:

“The fall of Mosul would in effect mark the end of the Iraqi half of the ISIS caliphate even though the hardline group would still control territory west and south of the city”:

At least 57 civilians were killed in a US-led air strike:

Fingers have been pointed at the blacks, then the Japanese, then Mexicans, and now how “Muslim” you look, can determine how much you can get away with:

“I’m going to travel and meet with anti-Muslim activists, hostile state legislatures, and my own family to find out if there really is anything to fear about American Muslims”:

Latinos are the fastest converting race in America, but they may face the biggest hit in the US due to President Trump’s policies:






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