News and Analysis (7/2/17)

Immigrants make for more economic opportunities and less crime …

… yet 114 Americans of Iraqi descent are captured by ICE officials causing mass protest in Detroit … and they’re mostly Christians:

The Muslim rural doctor’s patient explained that many local farmers because of rising health premiums not bigotry and that no one wants him to leave”:

Of the 784,000 Muslim refugees resettled by the U.S. since 2001 only three “have been arrested for terrorist activities and they are all currently in prison”:

From being the first to recognize our new country, to resonating with our Pledge of Allegiance, Muslims have stood by the U.S.’ side from the very beginning:

“Cow slaughter is banned in some states; the consumption of beef is not, but nobody really understands the laws, including the police”:

Vigilantes against vigilantes: “we will pick up arms against them to save our men”:

Rejecting a Marxist model, Rojava Kurds opt for a communitarian or cooperativist socially and economically, confederalist politically, “bottom up” implantation:






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