News and Analysis (7/3/17)

Even pro-Israeli Congress members are dismayed at Israel’s persecution of an award-winning, globally recognized leader of Palestinian peaceful resistance:

Knights of Golan leader says they couldn’t survive without Israels constant support:

Not quite fake news; definitely lopsided news:

The NSA preferred exploiting a flaw in Microsoft Windows software over reporting it, victimizing our allies and leaving Americans vulnerable …

… and it evades laws against spying on citizens by routing their Internet usage overseas …

… snooping on three million phone calls, at over a $300,000 expense, with no results in a Pennsylvania’s secret wire tap:

As someone who typically engages in conflict with Muslims, President Trump offers to peacefully mediate the issues with the GCC Muslim countries:

Al-Jazeera fights back attempts to shut down the news station:

Does the trend suggest the government is pulling back from a policy of manufacturing more terrorists to a one of encouraging more informants?

Islamic libertarian‏ Iyad el-Baghdadi says he is religiously offended by blueberry cheesecake and invites Islamophoic bigots to throw some his way:

“[R]ather than preventing vulnerable young people from being drawn into terrorism, it risked fueling a sense of being marginalised by state and society among Muslims”:






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