News and Analysis (7/5/17)

Started as 7th century schools for women to learn Islam, they became mosques for women in the 18th century and now aim at helping women and men to educate together:

Charges that a parts of a study by an Austrian government minister critical of Vienna’s Muslim-run kindergartens were re-written to make Islam appear more sinister:

Intolerance of a free press is the core of the Saudi and UAE anger at Qatar …

… while for its part, al-Jazeera is willing to openly review its editorial policy, but not to surrender its editorial freedom:

60% of Americans say they support the State Dept.’s guidelines for the travel ban …

… yet a majority in the same poll said fiances, grandparents, and other family members should be considered bona fide relations allowed entry to the U.S.:

Is “the White House is deliberately targeting Christians in order to gain an advantage in the upcoming judicial review of President Trump’s most recent executive order?

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