News and Analysis (7/8/17)

Symbolizing the American military, Wonder Woman respects no borders, decides who needs help and who’s trouble, is prepared to force others to respect her:

Clinton lost because PA, WI, and MI have high casualty rates and saw her as pro-war, study says:

Most Muslims who don’t vote either are unsatisfied with the available choices or felt their vote makes no difference; only two percent believe it is against their religion:

Haroon Moghul wanted to be a Muslim on his own terms, but finds being publicly critical of his own community when they are under attack is “like walking a tightrope”:

The Qur’anic prohibition on aggression behind his fight for conscientious objector status is only one example of the religious force that fed Ali’s activism and humanitarianism:

Which Middle Eastern country has tortured one million prisoners?  No it’s not Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Guess again:

“What we are seeing today is a realization by these governments that if these voices continue, they are going to see more crowds, more public insisting [on] rights”:

Especially troubling about the administration’s pace of appointments is the failure to appoint an ambassador to Afghanistan, where thousands of troops are deployed:

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