News and Analysis (7/11/17)

U.S. politicians saved the totalitarian cult “disowned by the opposition Green Movement and … loathed by ordinary Iranians for having fought on Saddam Hussein’s side during the Iran-Iraq war” from its place on the U.S. terrorism list:

“[T]he Afghan girls are the only nation’s team to be denied visas by the U.S. and must participate from afar, watching from their hometown in western Afghanistan”:

“Collective culpability is a dangerous fiction.” Extremists typify neither white people nor Muslims; rather it is “everyday people who responded so sensitively and beautifully to the Finsbury Park attack” represent humanity:

In the U.S. separate is unequal, but in Britain the state funds religious schools, so a showdown on gender segregation was inevitable. A judge’s decision that “[t]here is no evidence in this case that segregation particularly disadvantages women” will be appealed:

A Palestinian American woman in a hijab promoting nonviolent resistance and activism has become a target for those who would silence and discredit racial-justice activists because they “are awakening the masses”:

Iran’s President says the police’s job is not to administer Islam, and that they do not have the right to pull women over for not covering in their car:

Although Iraq declared victory, airstrikes continue and Amnesty International warns of a civilian disaster:

The Muslim congregation is now the largest one in Washington D.C.’s Church of the Epiphany:

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