News and Analysis (7/12/17)

A township trustee in Illinois draws fire for her online bigotry …

… but in the face of constituents calling for his removal form office, a politician insists that his call for the murder of “every last Muslim” is protected free speech:

The visiting scholar to the Harvard-affiliated Boston’s Children’a hospital traveling on a valid visa with his wife and three children was deemed inadmissible by US Customs and Border Protection officers:

An undershirt, a shirt AND a sweater? Must be a terrorist:

Small falafel shop owner in D.C. donates around $1000/week to refugees in need, but also hopes employ them and help them open their own businesses as well:

A new proposal seen as “duplicative and unnecessary” would force students to reapply to stay in the U.S. every single year as well as when they move from institutions like undergraduate to graduate school:

It is unthinkable to imagine another country, even a close ally, setting up a base in our country, blocking off land and occupying it with weapons. Yet we do this do countries all over the world:

Although they feel the oversight is inadequate, Muslims find the change groundbreaking since it is “the first time since 9/11 that any law enforcement or investigative or intelligence agency has had its ability to spy on Muslims limited in any way”:

One owns no Qur’an and another skips prayers on the excuse of having “no suitable clothes.” A study reveals the  role of alpha males “with no theological training and no skills”:

“[T]o enforce the Congressional mandate that district courts lack jurisdiction … would expose Petitioners to the substantiated risk of death, torture, or other grave persecution before their legal claims can be tested in a court” — Judge Goldsmith …

… but the admission of the mostly Christian refugees continues a decline in the number of Muslims admitted:






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