News and Analysis (7/13/17)

Under public pressure the Trump administration will allow a team of Afghan girls twice denied visas to enter the U.S. for a robotics competition entry on “parole” (Parole? Are they afraid the girls will bring in an army of robots to conquer the country?):

A police force of women organized to take pictures for women’s passports, to counter terrorist measures where raiding houses with women are present or suspects in conformance with Yemen’s gender segregation …

… is breaking up and beating down protests and petitions by the female relatives of Yemeni men who have disappeared and been taken to secret prisons where torture is rampant:

Faced with increasing threats, the Muslim chairman of the DNC blames the example set by President Trump who has “made it OK for all these people who have all these hateful thoughts against immigrants and against Muslims”:

“For a jurist who has reached the last stage of his professional career, to be included in a … decree prepared in an anti-constitutional way, has an impact that is worse than death, [b]ecause your whole life has passed in a struggle for the law”:

After fleeing thousands of miles from terror, refugees find it once again at the door step of their supposed asylum:

Republican Omar Qudrat is running for a U.S. House seat in the 2018 U.S. election and is thought to be one of the first Afghan-American Muslims to run for Congress:

Senator Durbin denounces “cruel and un-American policies that harm our economy, do not make us safer, and are inconsistent with our heritage as a nation of immigrants”:

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