News and Analysis (7/19/17)

The mosque caretaker kicked the burglar in self defence and then … went on to make him scrambled eggs and sat down to let Boyle tell him about he he was homeless, had been in and out of prison and was having problems with his girlfriend”:

A Saudi teen living in Germany campaigned for the inclusion of a woman wearing a headscarf emoji. This emoji, among a man wearing a beard are the newest emojis to enter later this year. It has been met with some backlash among twitter, but gained enough support to be inducted:

Throughout Boston’s bus stops and public spaces, posters have been put up addressing aggression towards others based on their appearance or beliefs. This campaign has began because “education is key to fighting intolerance”:

Compared to roughly 80 citizens were killed fighting terrorist groups abroad under Obama, the average is 360 per month now:

Israel could not survive without the U.S.’s aid, a serious problem for the country considering most young Americans care about the state of Israel considerably less then that of their elders, and an increase in intermarriages has “vexed any notion of [Jews as] … a single and singular people”:

Beyond headlined support for Afghanistan’s girl team, a group of students from Virginia helped the Iranian team circumvent sanctions that prevented hem from receiving needed parts:

Lacking the historical baggage of the Americans or the Europeans, China tries to play the honest broker for the Middle East in support of a Palestinian state:

After winning her crown she used her newly awarded platform to explain to the crowd “people tend to blame religion for the atrocities that are happening, but if we do that we take responsibility away from the individuals”:

“Muslim and Christian children attend the same schools, live in the same neighborhoods, and play together. Jordanian children do not learn, as ours do in the West, that the other is stranger and maybe even enemy”:






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