News and Analysis (7/21/17)

Chuck Schumer and Ben Cardin eagerly sacrifice civil right on the altar of Israeli apartheid, proposing to make felons of American engaging in political activism supporting the boycott against Israel with penalties up to $1 million and 20 years in prison …

… while Israel disregards the “Israel’s Freedom of Information Law” to keep its plots against the BDS movement secret” from its own people:

As protest mounts over Israeli demonstration of its control over al-Aqsa through the installation of metal detectors, the number of Muslims praying in the streets outside the mosque have grown:

Women caught in the middle of the Syrian war who were captured and sold as sex slaves escaped and join a women’s militia sponsored by the US SDF, vowing revenge in proportion to the injustice they suffered:

Campaigners removed from the UN’s report on endangering children under Saudi pressure complain that the rich and powerful “get away with killing and injuring children”:

After hours of questioning, the detained Saudi women, who’s video of her walking around in a revealing outfit, was released without charge due to her claim the video was posted without her knowledge:

Resistance and even armed struggle against a colonial occupation force are not just recognized under international law but specifically endorsed, something Israel would like to change, knowing the wrongfulness of their occupation:

All though many citizens of Middle Eastern countries are still banned, at least their laptops are now welcome:






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