News and Analysis (7/22/17)

“Blackwater military contractors opened fire in a city square in Baghdad, killing 17 civilians in one of the worst episodes of the Iraq war” but now they have an even worse idea– for American taxpayers to foot the bill for them to rule Afghanistan:

It’s “the deadliest outbreak of violence between the two sides for years;” as Israeli officer kicks a Palestinian man while he is down praying, a settler kills a teenager, and live ammo fired at demonstrators, many injured others killed in Jerusalem and the West Bank:

Dozens of families in the U.S. are waiting for their children they are adopting from overseas, but with no “real family” to claim, are unable to even enter the country:

Saudi-led deadly air strike bombs an area in which there were no military targets:

In a single tweet Dawkins both admits to never having read the Qur’an and charges Islam with being the “greatest force for evil today,” yet he is befuddled as to why he is accused of “abusive speech”:

Why one out of five American Muslims plan to leave the country:

“Practicing Alevis … read from the same Islamic texts as mainstream Muslims, but worship in a cemevi, or prayer hall, rather than a mosque. Men and women pray alongside one another, and — unlike observant Sunnis — are not expected to pray five times a day”:

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