News and Analysis (7/26/17)

No one says they do not want a mosque in the area, yet similar arguments that it would disrupt the communities way of life have not prevented the approval of churches:

Israel is not going to give up on imposing its control over the holy site, so Islamic leaders urge Muslims not to concede until they fully understand the measures Israel will place on the mosque …

… Rightfully so, since Israel intends to spend $28 million to add cameras with facial recognition, an even more intrusive measure than metal detectors …

… and the U.N. envoy warns of “potential catastrophic costs well beyond the walls of the old city”:

Hindu relatives of the victim of BJP terrorism convert were protected and cared for by the Muslim community:

How the American government honor-killed a honeymoon:

With the intense negative coverage of Islam, BuzzFeed finds it necessary to balance the negativity …

… voices of hate “should not be censored but ‘should not be featured prominently as authoritative voices’:

75% of “sense a lot of discrimination[,] … half say being Muslim in this country has been more difficult in recent years … [and] 89 percent … are proud to be both American and Muslim”:

Markets always prefer making money over intolerance:

Haroon Moghul talks about his memoir:

Russia and Syria have every right to sue because Syria never invited the U.S. into their country for help and the American intervention violates The U.S. Army Field Manual 27-10:






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