A Window of Opportunity for Iran and the U.S.

I was asked by PressTV to comment on the significance of the G8 position on Iran’s nuclear program.  I was asked ny opinion about the relatively soft G-8 statement on the issue (given American and British threats of sanctions) and whether Iran’s insistence on its rights to nuclear power development played a role.

The G8 has called for a negotiated solution, but at the same time demanded that Iran return to negotiations by September. In the past Iran has played a game of angling for repeated extensions of time during which it has continued to develope its ability to enrich uranium. Some Western nations have suggested that Iran should rely on them to provide enriched uranium for its nuclear industry because they do not trust it to limit its enrichment o sub-weapons grade.  There is good reason to believe that a reasonable compromise is possible, but the previous U.S. administration showed little interest in trying to achieve it. Obama has signaled that he is willing to pursue it, but that his patience is limited.

I responded that I believe that he Obama administration is trying to signal Iran that it wishes to obtain a negotiated solution, but that it is willing to pursue a policy of sanctions if Iran does step forward to take advantage of this olive branch. Obama has made clear that he will give fair consideration to Iran’s desires for peaceful nuclear power development if Iran will reciprocate in terms of America’s concerns about the proliferation of nuclear weapons. It would be in the best interests of all concerned for Iran to take the American president at his word and act quickly to seek a way in which the interests of both countries can be served.

Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad, Ph.D.
Minaret of Freedom Institute


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