News and Analysis (6/13/18)

Contrary to the stereotype, fifteen of the 23 countries with the most highly educated women have Muslim majorities:

Trump says he is hopeful Iran will sign a new deal similar to (and as vague and unverifiable?) as what he calls the “real deal” with North Korea …

… Iranian leaders are warning Pyongyang not to trust and act depending on the Americans:

Judge orders prison to give Muslims balanced meals, ending policies that caused fasting prisoners to lose “more than 20 pounds each”:

Would a Tahitian pull out of a U.S. chess tournament if they insisted she couldn’t play topless?

Apart from a “young man who mused … about ‘the possibility of banning alcohol consumption in the States'” not a single one of 330 “home grown terrorists” studied by Peter Bergen contemplated bringing “Americans under Muslim rule”:

The Gulf states desire for American weapons has driven them into bed with Israel and facilitated Trump’s betrayal of his non-interventionist campaign promises to form a coalition with Saudi Arabia and the UAE to confront Iran:

Vikas Khanna who is a Hindu was saved by a Muslim family during riots in 1992, and he has fasted and prayed in gratitude one day every Ramadan for over two decades. He reunited with this family again after 26 years:

That Muqtada al-Sadr, a strong opponent of Iranian involvement in Iraqi affairs would ally  with the Pro-Iranian militia leader Hadi al-Amiri was surprising:

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