News and Analysis (6/17/18)

An on the scene reporter explains how the PA uses Israeli-style tactics to quash demonstrations and to prevent the press from reporting about them and the “bizarre feeling when everyone around you is more scared of Palestinian forces than they are of the Israeli army”:

“More than 700 Palestinians in a neighbourhood in occupied East Jerusalem are awaiting a decision from Israel’s High Court, which could determine their right to live in their own homes”:

The quality of life in the little country is recovering from the initial shock of the blockade by the Saudis, UAE, and Egypt, but an intellectual residing in Qatar reports that “many of his old friends and colleagues in those countries no longer speak with him due to the political pressures”:

He “is also charged with five counts of sending packages containing substances the recipients feared were noxious between June 2016 and this month, five counts of sending letters conveying a threat and one of making a bomb hoax”:

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres blamed Iran for supplying weapons to Houthi rebels in Yemen against Saudi Arabia. He mentions evidence in his report:

Political rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia travels to football field:

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