News and Analysis (6/20/18)

A Circuit Court judge “concluded … that being a journalist in Syria placed on a kill list by your own government might constitute a violation of your First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendment rights”:

The Iranian judiciary’s ban on a secure communication app impacts not only personal communications and businesses but also has created “serious problems” for the government:

Middle class parents complain that Erdogan forces religious education at public schools and “many link Turkey’s recent fall … in the PISA index, which evaluates critical thinking, from 44th to 49th out of 72 countries”:

“Due to the 11-year Israeli-Egyptian blockade, patients in Gaza have long faced hurdles in leaving Gaza to undergo vital treatment, which has resulted in a slow death for many, but injured demonstrators are now facing even more stringent barriers in crossing Erez”:

“[T]he Trump administration’s plans to inject money into Gaza will do little to resolve the region’s conflicts”:

“[M]ilitant secularism mutes the fact that many queer Muslims also hope to march at Pride, and that a majority of Muslims condemn homophobia (the East London mosque notably campaigned against homophobic hate stickers in the local borough, Tower Hamlets)”:

Iran says it has no need to increase missile range as the current missiles of 2,000 km will be enough for Iran’s security, but that talks with Trump can be justified by nether logic nor public opinion:

Concerned about the overall effect of the collapse of Iran nuclear deal, Russia seeks long term solution instead of short term economic benefits:

“Muslim, Arab, South Asian, Jewish and Sikh New Yorkers … described incidents between July 2016 and late 2017”:

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