News and Analysis (6/21/18)

“[F]ear kills freedom, and people, even those who claim to care about individual liberty, will think and behave in opposition to their values and their interests when they’re afraid” — Dalia Mogahed:

“I wanted to talk about how a republican value like secularism is manipulated today, whereas in its spirit and its letter, secularism was made to bring people together”:

The passport official not only tried to demanded her Muslim husband to convert to Hinduism, but even demanded that she change her name rather than keep her own name as is the Muslim tradition:

Disobeying American policy could cut Total off from the U.S. financial system and the end of its operations in the country, demonstrating the costs imposed on oil giants by Trump’s sanctions policy …

… “Saudi Arabia and Iran are in a power struggle that will come to a head Friday, June 22, in Vienna as OPEC debates whether to raise its current oil production, leaving U.S. producers at the mercy of the oil cartel’s decision”:

For the first time, Iranian women are allowed to enjoy the World Cup at the stadium together with men after the Islamic revolution in 1979:

China will not withdraw any farm from Iran even after Trump’s cancellation of nuclear deal:

People in Gaza live without enough water, food, electricity, and other fundamental needs. There is no open border, and they seem to live in the greatest prison in the world. So, they protest to change their life:

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