News and Analysis (6/24/18)

“HEART educators have been talking about sex and sexual assault for nearly a decade, creating their own #MeToo movement even before it had a name. The organization … puts sex education in a cultural context”:

Far right groups are using the FBI as a tool to “to shut down criticism of Israel and smear students voicing pro-Palestinian political opinions” …

… but has the establishment right’s silence on Israeli brutality given center right parties an opportunity to speak out?

Dale Kerns favors dissolving Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) which is a government agency that enforced separating asylum-seeking adults from their children, calling the agency a threat to both natives and immigrants:

Yahya Cholil Staquf, an adviser on religious affairs to the Indonesian government indicates a new eyebrow raising stand of the Muslims on the issue of Israel and Palestine:

“Malaysia’s institutions proved more resilient…and descent into authoritarianism has been averted – offering a lesson not only to aspiring dictators, but to those in the United States who argue [for] propping up corrupt leaders” — Alex Helan, security and anti-corruption consultant:

Iran accuses the US government of breach of terms in the 1955 Treaty of Amity which was signed with the Shah regime on economic relations and consular rights. Iran is fighting for recovery of its frozen assets:

The promptness of issuing passports to a Muslim couple became an issue to Shiv Sena in India. Shiv Sena demanded withdrawal or transfer of the Lucknow passport officer Vikas Mishra:

“The relationships that developed over the three decades of mandatory rule can only be described as a triangle of animosity, with Jews, Arabs and British sharing mutual antipathy that only worsened with time”:

The art exhibition of Hindu artists with their Muslim counterparts creates emotional atmosphere among the locals in Kashmir. Th Indian rule in Kashmir created conflicts and many people were forced to leave their home:

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