News and Analysis (7/21/18)

“But the Trump administration is using it to denaturalize citizens who’ve been living in the United States for decades, are married to American citizens, and have no criminal history.”:

“Al Jazeera has been told, off the record, that the US put pressure on Iraq not to pay the Iranians” provoking the electricity cutoff that sparked the protests:

“More than 65 Israeli laws already exist that discriminate against Palestinians in Israel and the occupied territories” …

… and now, “[p]rovocations by Israeli settlers in occupied Palestine happened days after Israel approved the nationality bill, which reiterates Jewish supremacy” …

… so, the ICC’s “surprising decision to establish outreach activities in Palestine is a welcomed step in the right direction”:

For the purpose  of destabilizing Iran’s economy, the US government will engage all possible groups even including listed terrorists to contributing to deterioration of Iran’s relation with the world to enhance its collapse:

The letter notes there is no written policy to justify the “pretext for the true motivation behind their conduct: discrimination against these children on the basis of their race, religion, and/or socio-economic status”:

“The Expediency Council, tasked with resolving conflicts between parliament and the Guardian Council, backed parliamentary amendments allowing members of recognized religious minorities to run for city councils”:

“According to Palestinians, the U.S. administration seeks to impose a political solution that calls for the establishment of a state in the Gaza Strip and a limited autonomy in the West Bank, with Israel retaining control over the city of Jerusalem”:

A former Indian ambassador condemns Nikki Haley’s “intemperate remarks”:

“For the last few years, we have not carried any meat while returning from our hometown in western Uttar Pradesh after Eid. Traditionally, we would carry our share of meat for our maids, drivers, helpers and other needy people in our vicinity”:

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