News and Analysis (8/4/18)

“Israeli Occupation Forces cut all communications and then violently attacked [the] lead boat … in international waters, pulled down its Norwegian flag and trampled upon it. According to many testimonies … they then beat up and tasered several people and stole most of the participants’ property”:

Iran plans a currency rescue (see our proposal here) in the face of demonstrations such as those in as Arak, Isfahan, Karaz and Shiraz:

Hate crimes are higher than even after the 9/11 attack:

Iran-backed Houthi fighters do not believe Saudi Arabia can defeat them:

While the opposition parties are accusing of Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of destroying lives, four million Muslims have been excluded from the National Citizenship Registry list leaving them at risk of deportation:

China will not honor the demand of the United States and cut down the oil imports from Iran, but the Chinese authorities agreed not to increase the imports:

Muslim candidates are facing complex situations in Minnesota while they are asking for votes in the field. But they know that they a long way to go:

Unease and suspicious over war in the near future that could be a severe disaster for the common people in a region which has already been a war zone for a few decades:

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