News and Analysis (8/12/18)

Socially conservative Muslims see a “disconnect with some parts of the Democratic political platform” but unlike their Catholic and Evangelical counterparts, “feel little imperative to use government to promote those value”:

The Ottoman Empire ended in 1922 with Kamal Attaturk’s secular rule in Turkey. The new Ottomanism symbolizes everything “from justice, power, and pluralism to Islamic primacy and Turkey’s own campaign to make the country ‘great again’”:

The government raised no “concerns about the permits during the actual construction process” but now wants the building torn down because minarets and domes do not have a “Chinese style”:

Rather than realize the dream of democracy and human rights after the fall of Mubarak, the country is again heading to absolute autocracy for an uncertain period of time:

To free themselves from dependency on Israel for electricity, individual Palestinians “have taken it on themselves to install solar panels, trailing cables down the side of buildings to keep fans whirring or to power televisions and other appliances”:

The Saudi-led airstrike that killed many innocent people including children demonstrates the disastrous consequences of its brutal attempt to dominate the region:

Iraq begins to follow US sanction policy on Iran, while Turkey resists; and China, which imports 7% of its total crude oil imports from Iran, will also take over development of the Iranian portion of the largest gas deposit on earth from France …

… and most “Arabs believe that Israel and the US present a far greater threat to Arab security than Iran”:

Human Rights Watch warns that “to combat corruption at every level … requires an independent judiciary that ensures due process rights for all those accused”:

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