News and Analysis (6/16/10)

With “no evidence that [he] has any connection to Al Qaeda,” a Yemeni university student has been detained eight years at Guantanamo for being at the wrong place at the wrong time:

A Muslim writer suggests those “concerned for Muslim women,” should “concentrate on empowering them and giving them a voice rather than spending time making laws that threaten their freedom to choose”:

While defending Israel against international condemnation its deadly assault on a humanitarian aid ship, neoconservative hawks are now going on the offensive against the flotilla’s chief defender, Turkey:

Gaza-based al-Aqsa TV’s European broadcasts will be discontinued by French provider, due to concerns of spreading incitement in Europe …

… meanwhile, in France, the government resorts to prior restraint to shut down both a “‘Sausage and Booze” party and a halal counterparty in a heavily Muslim neighborhood:

There is no free market in Jerusalem real estate,  “80% of lands in Jewish neighbourhoods in Jerusalem cannot be purchased by Palestinians”:

Saffron provides an alternative to poppy compatible with Islamic law, and with the “potential to become a powerful tool for [Afghanistan’s] development:

Instituting a blacklist of specified prohibited items “would be the opposite of current Israeli policy, which allows only a few dozen approved items to enter Gaza”:

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