News and Analysis (6/17/10)

Accusing the institution of being the “artery that feeds the Satanic alliance with life via oil money”, an Al-Qaida-linked extremist group attacks the Iraqi central bank, and further destabilizes Iraq’s road to economic growth:

“‘I’m cool with all their fighting terrorism and all that … more power to them,'” the Virginia native “said in American-accented English,… ‘[but my] home is America and I don’t know why I can’t go back there'”:

The Iranian president accuses the U.S. and Israel of being enemies of Saudi Arabia and Iran, days after Riyadh publicly denied a report in the New York Times claiming it promised Israel access to its airspace:

Ignorant of the fact that Palestinians believe in David (pbuh) and the torah, and that many support a two-state solution, Sen. Chuck Schumer, in what  Prof. Mark LeVine calls “among the most ethnically and religiously bigoted and even inciteful public remarks by a senior American politician” wants “to strangle them economically”:

“Under the proposal, Israel would close all of its land crossings into Gaza, leaving the blockaded enclave completely dependent on Egypt for the movement of people and goods”:

A Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Project survey finds “widespread concern that the United States remained a go-it-alone nation even under the new administration”:

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