News and Analysis (6/18/10)

The intolerance of groups such as “Stop the Islamization of America” only leads to more intolerance and extremism. “This of course is exactly what the jihadists want”:

Despite threats against viewers of the World Cup by radical militia group al Shabaab, Somali soccer fans remain undeterred in a country where the internationally supported government can barely hold the capitol city:

A boy’s father charges that the GWA “faculty told his son he was a ‘chosen one’ and encouraged him to pray to Jesus, all the while warning him not to speak to his family about the matter”:

“Even as a pullback of American troops marks a winding down of the war, more and more Iraqis are seeking medical treatment for trauma-induced mental illnesses, and the medical community is unable to keep up”:

Including all food items in the list of permitted imports is a step in the right direction, but is not enough. Free trade would be better for blockaded Gaza:

American Muslim chooses the niqab to “provide a positive example of her embattled faith, in a way that was hard to ignore”:

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