News and Analysis (6/21/10)

Surviving a free speech challenge from humanitarian aid groups, federal law banning even advice on entirely legal and peaceful activities as “material aid” to terrorist organizations is upheld:

Palestinian victims of eminent domain would be permitted to build homes elsewhere in the neighborhood, though, it is unclear who would pay for them:

“[S]upporting the construction of mosques, where believers can gather in peace, seems like a rather smart counterterrorism policy — and a rather patriotic one at that”:

Al-Qaeda spokesperson warns of more bloodshed in order to “even the score,” in a twenty-four minute video addressed to President Obama:

Egyptian activists rally around the alleged murder of Khaled Saeed, and in condemnation of Egypt’s emergency law and human rights record:

“Welcome to the world’s first online halal sex shop specially designed for Muslim couples looking to spice up their marriage while adhering to Islamic principles”:

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