News and Analysis (6/25/10)

Pakistan moves to monitor Google, Yahoo, and YouTube for blasphemous content, a month after it temporarily blocked Facebook for the “Everyone Draw Muhammad Day” controversy:

Jerusalem’s decision to demolish homes for a new shopping center threatens to renew U.S.-Israel tensions, and shows a blatant disrespect for property rights in occupied East Jerusalem:

The Council on American-Islamic Relations blames the dismissal on journalist Steve Emerson, whom they assert is an “islamophobe, fear monger and an Israeli lobbyist”:

“We’re seeing the demonization of Islam in our country and it leads a very vocal minority to take these extremist kinds of actions nationwide. This is caused by a lack of knowledge and lack of interaction with ordinary Muslims”:

“The most helpful strategic victory in the struggle against Islamist radicalism would be to undermine the narrative that the West is at war with Islam”:

The Obama administration prioritizes foreign relations over promotion of religious freedom, a week after the appointment of an Ambassador at Large of Religious Freedom:

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