News and Analysis (6/28/10)

“What is most disappointing, however, is not the Zionist self-righteousness and narcissism; rather it is the Western acceptance and support of this attitude”:

The French PM urges French Muslims to reject niqabs and burqas as a “minority practice, which flouts the basic rules of living together and scandalises our citizens, amounts to radical behaviour that does not reflect the reality of Islam”:

Naila Ayesh, founder of the Gaza-strip based Woman Affairs Center, says that women in Gaza are represented as “members of the party. However, from our experience they have no influence and thus they are not decision-makers” …

… meanwhile in Pakistan, thousands of women pursue higher education in the conservative Al-Huda chain of Islamic schools:

“Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Monday at the G20 summit in Toronto that Turkey had closed its airspace to Israeli flights”:

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