News and Analysis (6/29/10)

Israeli West Bank settlers see themselves above the laws imposed by their own government over the occupied West Bank territory …

… meanwhile in Gaza, Israel confiscates Medical equipment needed to save lives, given by a Norwegian group, on allegation “of possible use for non-medical purposes”:

Israeli “peace block” goes to court the question of its government’s “unlimited power to decide whether or not to investigate a certain event at all, in whose hands to place the investigation and what powers to give the investigators”:

Liberty University will release report on whether the president of the school’s Baptist Theological Seminary, is “fabricating or exaggerating” his account of being a former Islamic extremist:

Running competing summer camps with competing messages, the UN and Hamas vie for the Gaza Strip’s roughly 700,000 children under fifteen, who comprise nearly half of the population:

President Yudhoyono says that the sex-tape scandal that has demonstrators in Jakarta demanding Sharia law “has nothing to do with freedom, but it has to do with being appropriate” and guarding Indonesian morality:

Assured that their funds will not go to training imams and rabbis, the United Methodist Church reverses public condemnation of Claremont School of Theology decision to start training programs for non-Christian clerics:






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