News and Analysis (6/30/10)

Faced with the loss of its monopoly under the Israeli embargo, Palestine Food Industries Co. puts rent seeking above the plight of their fellow Gazans and demands Hamas ban juice imports to “protect local industries”:

“Conditions … have reached ‘crisis point’ with 79 per cent of the communities surveyed lacking sufficient food – a greater proportion than in blockaded Gaza, where the figure is 61 per cent”:

Rejecting citizenship for Palestinians, Hariri declares, “What the Palestinians want is the right to work like any other foreign nationals”:

“Settlements and the demolition of homes are illegal under international law, constitute an obstacle to peace and threaten to make a two-state solution impossible”:

Shortly after the release of HBO documentary “For Neda”, the Iranian regime releases documentary suggesting that the People’s Mujahedeen Organization, an Islamic Marxist opposition group “may have played a role in the killing”:

Thomas Friedman thinks Fayyad has started a “revolution based on building Palestinian capacity and institutions …” that could build “a real economy, … and an effective, transparent government”:

“I want to tell everyone that these people suffered, and we are suffering. Now we want peace between each other,” says President Abbas:

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