News and Analysis (7/6/10)

While closing “proceedings on all the other incidents … mentioned in the Goldstone Report,” the IDF has filed manslaughter indictments against two soldiers for acts that “include manslaughter and disobeying a military directive”:

“If we infringe their freedom — we infringe our freedom,” says the Reverend Russel Richardson of Grace Baptist Church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee:

“Nasr Abu Zayd is a heroic figure, a scholar who has risked everything to restore the traditions of intellectual inquiry and tolerance that for so long characterized Islamic culture”:

Israel prohibits “weapons, war material and dual-use items” into Gaza, which includes fertilizer, lumber, and concrete along with several hundred pages of other banned and restricted items:

Not liberal enough? “His critics in Egypt’s Islamist circles note ruefully that Mr. Serageldin, for all his professed devotion to tolerance and freedom of thought, rarely, if ever, invites them to his conferences”:

B’tselem finds that”those responsible for Israeli settlements have “treated international law, local legislation, Israeli military orders, and Israeli law in an instrumental, cynical, and even criminal manner”:

“It is not the Promised Land. It is our land,” says a Palestinian neighbor, but outposts illegal under Israeli law continue to receive tax-deductible donations from American evangelicals; the IRS has no comment:

A critic U.S. foreign policy who condemned the 9/11 attacks as terrorism, Fadlallah denied being Hezbollah’s mentor “not because I reject Hezbollah, but because I refuse to be given a title that I don’t possess”:






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