News and Analysis (7/7/10)

“[The U.S.] believes in freedom. It sees itself as an opponent of colonialism. It is very, very difficult for the United States to understand that many people around the world now perceive it as an imperial, colonial power trying to occupy them”:

Seven British anti-war activists are acquitted after smashing £200,000 worth of defense industry manufacturer equipment on the grounds that they acted to prevent “Israeli war-crimes”:

“The first-ever, nationwide, random sample survey of Muslim Americans finds them to be largely assimilated, happy with their lives, and moderate with respect to many of the issues that have divided Muslims and Westerners around the world”:

“Muslim leaders say the maneuvers are part of an agenda to deny their community rights and undermine their belief;” the intervention of foreign Evangelicals is seen to foment “hatred between Muslims and Christians”:

“Curiously, not one of the young men in the photographs is wearing a beard” in Tehran’s government-approved promotional campaign hairstyles “to halt the spread of unconventional styles and promote Islamic culture”:

“When I walk in what was left from the Warsaw Ghetto, I can’t stop thinking about the people of Gaza who are not only locked in an open air prison but are also being bombarded by fighter jets, attack helicopters and drones,” says conscientious objector Yonatan Shapira:

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