News and Analysis (7/8/10)

Like “a cruel joke,” Israel’s attempt “to assuage the international community by ‘easing’ the siege … allows Israeli goods to be sold inside Gaza; while blockading goods made in Gaza. This is one more step in killing an economy”:

CNN, “which has employed a former AIPAC official, Wolf Blitzer, as its primary news anchor for the last 15 years” claims “that Nasr’s ‘credibility’ had been ‘compromised'” by her “respect” for Fadalallah’s pro-women fatwas:

Former Congressman gets fifteen years and a $500,000 fine for obstruction of justice and regulatory violation in a case concerning a Muslim charity he sought to have “removed from a list of organizations suspected of financing terrorism”:

“The government appears to be unable – or in some cases unwilling – to monitor or block sectarian content on the web.” — Naguibullah Malik, federal information technology secretary:

“Wednesday’s decision by Tomasz Calkiewicz, the Polish judge, to extradite Brodsky over forgery allegations would mean that Germany can only charge him with that crime, which carries a sentence of three years”:

“Tariq Ramadan whose ban from the US was lifted earlier this year … called on the Muslims to be proactive and engaged with wider civil society while holding on to their faith”:

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