News and Analysis (7/9/10)

The city council of the ethnically-diverse Teaneck, New Jersey “gets it right” with the selection of a Muslim as mayor and a Orthodox Jew as deputy mayor on a platform of slashed taxes and cut government spending:

A Libyan charity sets off to deliver mostly Greek aid to the people of Gaza, stating that Israel may deliver the aid, if they require it; Israel says that the “Libyan intention is nothing more than a cheap provocation”:

The appointment of female judges to sharia courts — Malaysia has separate civil courts for non-Muslims and Muslims — signals a step forward for the cause of political gender equality in Malaysia:

After the EU yields to U.S. pressure to share personal data on Europeans with Israel, Ireland formally objects to “recognition of Israel’s data protection standards”:

The wall “is a land grab disguised as a security measure and its purpose is to allow the illegal settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem to expand, … an integral part of a regime intent on heading in the direction of apartheid”:

“In that struggle for hearts and minds, between the tolerant pacifism of the Sufi saints and the hateful militancy of the Taliban,” the almost 200 million Pakistanis and Afghans “must chart their own course and define what it means to be Muslim in the modern world”:

United Nations Development Fund for Women Executive Director Ines Alberdi to underline the detrimental impact of political conflict and humanitarian crisis on the status of women in the Gaza Strip:

Following the dismissal of CNN editor Octavia Nasr, Britain’s ambassador to Lebanon Frances Guy is censored for calling “Fadlallah a decent human being and a ‘true man of religion'”:

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