News and Analysis (7/13/10)

France’s National Assembly moves to restrict Muslim women’s freedom in a misguided attempt to protect women’s rights; ban may be ruled unconstitutional by high court:

Israeli NGO Ir Amim releases a study showing why Palestinians are being squeezed out of Jerusalem: 80% of the city is zoned for Jews-only use:

The same group denied a reservation for an annual conference in an Illinois hotel earlier this week reports supporters detained in Palestine after a commemoration event for the 89th anniversary of the fall of the Caliphate:

Calling into question whether or not the Obama administration does have improving relations with Muslim-majority countries as a top priority, as Obama claimed in his speech in Cairo in June, 2009:

Washington Institute for Near East Policy fellow David Schenker thinks it “ironic” that Fadlallah, who was labeled both a terrorist and a moderate,  “stood as the last bulwark against near total Iranian hegemony in Lebanon”:

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