News and Analysis (7/14/10)

“Economists here say what is most needed now is not more goods coming in, as the easing of the blockade has permitted, but people and exports getting out”:

Among contradictory stories of kidnapping and defection, one thing is clear in the case of Iranian nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri: the layers of subterfuge characteristic of the U.S. intelligence community does not make matters any more intelligible:

Correct terminology matters in the debate between the terms “Islamic terrorist” and “Muslim terrorist”;  in a world of Christian, Marxist, and non-religious terrorists, we have to ask what a “War Against Radical Islam” really means:

A recent move by opponents of NYC mosque to zone private property as landmark, is more bigotry than historical preservation:

“Organisers say they still plan to dock in Gaza, despite Israel’s request to head to the Egyptian port of El-Arish”, despite Israel sources saying the boat has changing course for Egypt:

The Obama administration’s stance “is practical, it doesn’t give terrorists more reasons to claim the U.S. disrespects Islam, and it is does not focus on religion to the exclusion of the many motivations people have for” going to extremes:

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