News and Analysis (7/20/10)

With $150 million earmarked for the Yemen to combat Al-Qaida earlier this year,  al-Awlaki mocks U.S. foreign policy, stating that U.S. military presence has “accomplished for (Al-Qaida) the work of years”:

“[I]t is not the business of a secular state to back one or other interpretation of Islam … Governments should only enforce the law of the land and promote tolerance and dialogue”:

“If Muslims want to stand for peace, they must stand patiently. We must respond to fear, intolerance and even hatred with peace, education and patience. That is our true Jihad”:

Despite government efforts to push Israelis and Palestinians apart, a small group of Israeli women are working to bring them together, at the beach:

“Today, it is essential for us Muslims to understand the true meaning of the Quran and Islam for ourselves, and to wrest this right from the ‘policemen’ of religion, the mullahs and maulvis”:

Extremists anonymous hot-line? Unlike deradicalization programs in “Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Singapore” Germany’s program tries to get radicals or their families to call in before they commit a crime”:

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