News and Analysis (7/23/10)

Two weeks after France banned the wearing of burqa, two Muslim women in full body swim suit are denied access to pool; the pool owners say it was for hygiene and sanitary reasons …

… “On what grounds can a government or institution require that they not wear it, and isn’t such a requirement the equivalent of requiring someone who does not want to wear it to do so?”:

Daisy Khan, wife of Imam Feisal Rauf, argues that the Cordoba Center “will serve the larger community to become an institution for learning, collaborating, and sharing knowledge across faiths and cultures” …

… meanwhile on Staten Island, a Catholic Church formally rejected a controversial proposal to sell a vacant convent to a the Muslim American Society in response to protests that the mosque might become a front for terrorism:

“[I]t doesn’t matter if most of us practice our religion in private or not. People feel trapped because [politicians] project this false identity onto Muslims, and we then have to apologize for that”:

MI5 knew Saddam Hussein had no links to Al Qaeda, that Iraq posed little threat to the security of the free world, and that a generation of British Muslims would be radicalized by the war; the CIA didn’t listen:

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