News and Analysis (7/26/10)

The U.S. supports Pakistan while Pakistan’s ISI supports the Taliban. Whistle-blower Wikileaks releases thousands of leaked classified documents proving the connection; founder Julian Assange explains:

IDF Military Advocate General Avichai Mandelblit confirms Goldstone Report findings on war crimes; IDF back peddles “as though they were frightened by Goldstone”:

“[I]f there is harm in wearing the veil … it is permitted that she shows her face when need and necessity demand it,” says Islamic jurisprudent Mohamed al-Nujaimi:

“The jailing of [Sheikh Raed Salah] exposes the divide among Israeli Arabs and Jews. Arabs say it is further proof of Jewish discrimination; Jews say it shows how the nation’s Arabs exploit Israeli democracy”:

“Islamophobia is a mixture of racism, undiscriminating ignorance of the diversity and complexity within the Islamic world, and the hard reality of some truly dangerous, Western-hating Muslims (estimated by intel sources variously at 10-40,000 hardcore fanatics worldwide)”:

Designed to resolve a conflicted relationship many Muslims have with America, the young academics were “amazed at this opening and understanding and acceptance of everyone because that is what Islam preaches”:

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