News and Analysis (7/28/10)

Justin Raimondo notes that Ayn Rand’s “intellectual heir” seems to echo her villain Wesley Mouch in his contempt for the sanctity of the individual and property rights in declaring that “‘Rights are contextual,” and when it comes to Muslims, there is “no obligation to respect property rights.’ ‘Rights  are out’!”:

Newt Gingrich finds it offensive to be lectured about religious liberty “at a time when there are no churches or synagogues in Mecca,” “it is a kind of triumphalism that we should not tolerate” …

… “[Wayne] Root falls into the same anti-Muslim hole that Palin, Gingrich, and others have. All he’s really saying is that we can’t let them scary Muslims build what they want to in a building they own”:

U.S. nuns and 50 female aid workers intend to break through the Israeli blockade to the Gaza Stip:

“It’s their right to protest and we have the right to exercise freedom of religion too. It’s surprising to see something like this happen in 2010,” said Hadi Nael, chairman of the Temecula Islamic center:

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