News and Analysis (7/30/10)

During the time of the prophet, women and men prayed side by side; today, with 66% of American mosques segregating men and women, Islamic feminists work to end institutionalized sexism in Islam …

… meanwhile, the appointment of two woman judges in Malaysia raises the question, “why can’t women judges deal with marriage and divorce cases?”

“‘How does this threaten Christians?’ asked Fatima Abeyd Anyanzwa, an anti-rape activist and mother of six”, as the groups spar over whether family law should be decentralized, or standard for all Kenyans irregardless of faith:

“[A}s a Mormon, I would be infuriated if a government prohibited my church from building a chapel because of a few violent, misguided Latter-day Saints,” says BYU student McKay Coppins …

… but by Newt “Gingrich’s logic, no mosques should be built anywhere in the United States;” if Saudis are un-American, should Americans follow suite?

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