News and Analysis (8/16/10)

Polling shows that despite 60 percent of Americans think the construction of the Muslim community center is wrong, 60 percent of Americans also think that the Muslim group has the right to build the mosque if it chooses:

Social networking website Facebook  (check out our page there) makes grassroots political organizing possible for the opposition of Egypt’s ruling establishment:

The immigrant who came here looking for honest work didn’t have “time to immerse herself in the politics of her new country,” and is “deeply puzzled as to why anyone would feel threatened by what goes on in a mosque”:

Gwenn Dyer says a tivists claiming the flotilla’s goals are “purely humanitarian” and Israeli officials claiming “the blockade is solely to stop offensive weapons from reaching” Gaza are “both  lying”:

“The moonlight practice is tailored for Restum and fellow Muslim teammates who make up a majority of the Fordson High School squad in the large Arab community of Dearborn”:

“Mr. Ahmed said fasting teaches him empathy for poor people, because he can feel their hunger and thirst and self-discipline. An added side benefit, he said: ‘Free gym. I lose 10 to 15 pounds every year’ “:

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