News and Analysis (8/17/10)

“Men like Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf should be embraced as vital allies, and we should have only contempt for those who, through ignorance or political calculation, attempt to conflate them with the extremists”:

“Allowing the Muslim community center to be built where it is being proposed represents the best of America, the idea that the United States is a special place in the world, a beacon of fairness that welcomes and protects the rights of all its people”:

He “spoke out against terrorism and extremism and called for democratic reform,” but knew it would take time because “Saudi Arabia has always been based on the principle of consensus”:

PNA mixes state and religion by demanding “preachers should report to the Ministry of Religious Affairs in order to be corrected or called to account in case of a mistake“:

The hostage-taker has worked as an informant in the service of the Israel Police:

Islamic charity is a religious obligation that can be fulfilled through donations to civil society organizations like the Islamic-American Zakat Foundation, and many “choose to pay this amount during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan for increased spiritual benefit:”

The “furor over the Ground Zero mosque and cases including a Florida church that has announced plans to hold ‘International Burn a Koran Day’ on September 11 have triggered concerns of possible hate crimes”:

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