News and Analysis (8/24/10)

The little boy was beaten at school and called a terrorist, but only months earlier “his mother had been killed in a roadside bombing by a real terrorist”:

Ismail Haniyeh’s declaration, “all Palestinian citizens must prevent all harm to all Christian churches on Palestinian land. Our Christian brothers are citizens of Palestine”  has a Christian Objectivist asking …

… while columnist Richard Cohen observes, “” I am a Jew, but do not judge me by Baruch Goldstein, who in 1994 murdered 29 Muslims in Hebron…. [Daisy Khan’s] fight is no longer her fight. The fight is now all of ours”:

FOX’s McCarthyesque attempt to link Imam Rauf with the Saudi royal family member who heads the Kingdom Foundation backfires when the Daily Show points out that the prince is also co-owner of FOX:

Bangladesh takes another step towards a secular democracy with a ban on requiring religious dress, allowing for people to choose their own dress, but, restricting businesses which wish to keep a pious character from doing so:

Unlike his Senatorial candidate son Rand, Congressman Ron Paul compares opposing the Muslim community center in lower Manhattan to opposing a soccer field because “the suicide bombers loved to play soccer”:






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