News and Analysis (8/25/10)

The eponymous Christian militia “Right Wing Extreme” providing private security to the incongruously-named Dove World Outreach Center on “International Burn a Quran Day” fits the Islamophobe stereotype well (almost too well):

One Palestinian women says, “Go ahead and make your political point, but for us we’re breaking the law so that we can enjoy ourselves and remember how life was before the checkpoints and the wall;” and another says, “I just want to be able to breathe again”:

The poll indicates opposition to the Park51/Cordoba project is down to 51% from the 61% reported by Time last week:

The “strictly academic” presentation originally intended to educate Westerners becomes a source of “cultural pride against a contemporary backdrop of conflict and suspicion between the West and Muslim countries”:

If Franklin “Graham really wants to pick at genealogical grubs, what’s he to make of the fact that Obama’s father’s father was a Christian who converted to Islam?”:

As terrorists strike in Somalia …

… a hate crime murder is attempted in New York City:

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