News and Analysis (8/26/10)

Even as NYC Mayor Bloomberg offers to meet with the cabbie stabbed yesterday, and urges Americans not compromise “our faith in the freedoms that have sustained our great country for more that 200 years” …

… in yet another disturbing instance of flared tensions, a  drunkard, cursing,  trespassed into a mosque in Queens:

Lady Ashton is concerned that imprisonment of the nonviolent  human rights activist intends to deny Palestinians from “their legitimate right to protest against the existence of the separation barriers in a non-violent manner:”

Robert Reich blames the current rash of intolerance on economic fear and “demagogues who redirect the fear and anger toward people and groups who aren’t really to blame but are easy scapegoats … It has happened before”:

In Buffalo, as in many other American cities, even amidst tensions, good people still come together for good things:

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