News and Analysis (8/27/10)

“The last few weeks have seen an intense push by the Israeli right and their neocon enablers in the US to essentially ‘jam’ Obama into either attacking Iran or letting Israel do so;” Jeffrey Goldberg’s  Atlantic cover is Exhibit A:

The “level of rhetoric has become so poisonous that we could end up turning the very moderates we seek to bring into the fold against us””:

“If you’re going to say that we’re separate from people, you’re going to do what the radicals want — on both sides,” says President of the American University Muslim Students Association, Tanim Awwal:

As the National Association of Evangelicals urges Terry Jones to call off his Qur’an burning “in the name and love of Jesus Christ,” Prof. John Esposito exposes the flaws in the argument that “Islam is the enemy”:

NATO’s International Security Assistance Force “officials are aware of civilian casualty allegations as a result of the engagement and are conducting an investigation”:

Is the euphoria of the holy month reflected in a Muslim world stock surge?

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