News and Analysis (8/31/10)

You catch more flies with “non-coercive intelligence interviewing” than you can with waterboarding:

Sharing the archaic view that marriage conflicts with education, lawmakers move to address the problem by taking the right to marry away from young women 15-17, adults under Islamic law but not under Jordanian law:

“In other parts of Tennessee, including Chattanooga, Knoxville and Memphis, Muslim leaders reported that they had experienced no hostility and saw no reason to increase security”:

Pan Arab Research Center in Dubai “estimates advertising spending by financial services companies in the Arab region is likely to grow by 40 percent this Ramadan compared with the previous season”:

“For the sake of the values we hold dear in this country, we must resist the temptation to fear and hate those we may perceive as ‘the Stranger,’ but instead make a place at the table for all members of the American family”:

“My Faith, My Voice”, a web forum initiative, enables Muslim Americans to respond directly to controversial issues regarding Muslims in America:






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