News and Analysis (9/9/10)

Is Terry Jones giving aid and comfort to the enemy? “Only God knows if there will be another such an opportunity to defend our religion and Koran,” says an insurgent pamphlet …

… and as Evangelical leaders seek to dissuade Jones from his reckless course, even Sarah Palin has doubts about the wisdom of Qur’an burning:

Indian authorities remove the enforced curfew in Kashmir for Eid-ul-Fitr, giving a reason to celebrate to a population under duress of unsettled competition between Pakistan, China, and India:

“According to a [new] Washington Post-ABC News poll, 49 percent of all Americans say that they have generally unfavorable opinions of Islam, compared with 37 percent who say that they have favorable ones”:

The latest target of the Islamophobes is a small Muslim college:

With hate crimes against Jews outnumbering even those against Muslims, “Jews and Muslims share a common interest in fighting hate crimes in America and working to strengthen pluralism” …

… meanwhile back in Deutschland, a member of the board of the central bank argues the Nazis were mistaken only in the specifics,  claiming Jews are smart and Muslims inferior:

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