News and Analysis (9/10/10)

“Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad of the Minaret of Freedom Institute points out that other Western democracies have laws b4323 Rosedale Ave.anning hate speech, but that freedom of speech in the United States is unique”:

FL pastor claims deal was reached with Imam Rauf of the planned NYC Muslim community center …

… however, sources report that there was no deal, or even any discussions with the FL pastor:

Americans are detaining 200 alleged “extremely dangerous or too politically sensitive to turn over to the Iraqis”:

“What do a Las Vegas casino manager, a Cambodian refugee, a Hurricane Katrina hero and a champion Georgian girls basketball team all have in common? They are all American – and they are all Muslim”:

“One wonders how strip clubs, seedy bars and porn shops that exist in closer proximity to Ground Zero than the proposed center do not violate its sanctity, whereas a house of worship, albeit a Muslim mosque, does”:

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